Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I live in a safe neighborhood, why do I need a security system?

A: It's nice to have neighbors you can trust. 
However, as the economy continues to slip, criminals are growing increasingly brazen. Reinforcing your home with a security system is that extra layer of protection that your neighbors, or even a guard dog simply cannot provide. For instance, if there's trouble in your home, the authorities are only a button away. In addition to this, you can also be alerted if there is a fire or other
disaster that is currently threatening your home. By having your home monitored
by Stand-Gard, you are helping to ensure that the safety of your home is not  compromised or vulnerable to intruders.

Q: What exactly is included in "Security System Monitoring?"

With Stand-Gard, all of your monitoring is done through what's called the "Central Station" right in Metro-Detroit. Companies like Stand-Gard offer low-cost monitoring through the Central Station. What do they do? Exactly what you need them to: notify the proper authorities when you need help! Imagine your kids are home alone, without the alarm on. If somebody walked in, or entered through a window, your child presses one button, and law enforcement is on the way.  Without that monitoring, you aren't adaquately protected.  

Q: How much should I expect to pay?

A: Every house, business and family has a different set of needs. At Stand-Gard, we pride ourselves on quality service at a price you can afford. During your free initial consultation, we'll answer your questions and help you determine what kind of service/level of protection you need. (No high-pressure sales pitches here!) Our customers typically choose to pay for service every three months. However, we can work with you on that, if needed.

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